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domingo, febrero 12, 2006

The Power of a Prayer [Testimony of Enalba Perez] -In English-

"In cases of the rupture of an aneurysm, 30 percent of the patients die directly afterwards, another 30 percent die during the transit to the hospital and the rest remain damaged for life."

These words of Dr.Setlik, neurologist at the Hospital Na Homolce in Prague, explained the gravity of the medical state of Enalba Perez. Benzo Homolka, her husband, understood the seriousness of the situation and with courage and faith in Jesus Christ prepared to face what would come.
Nov. 2, 2000, Ena was brought to the emergency room of the hospital of Kolin in the Czech Republic with a suspected tumor of an aneurysm in the left carotid in a sinus cavern, feared to be in the brain. Since this date through the 25 of December, Ena was kept here in Intensive Care Unit and later in the Department of Neurology.
It was 10:30 p.m. when Ena, Benzo and Linda Clara, her little daughter, were laying down in her room at her home, speaking about a trip they hoped to take soon to Amsterdam to visit some relatives.
Ena got up, went to the bathroom and after a few moments called to her husband and daughter... "Come quickly! Something's happened in my head."
They brought her to the bed and laid her down and began to pray. They feared that the aneurysm, detected a while ago in an angiography in the hospital at Na Homolce in Prague, had exploded. The doctors had called it a Time Bomb.
They called the hospital of Caslav, explaining briefly the situation, and continued to pray. Minutes later the doctors arrived. While talking, Ena lost consciousness for several moments, but on the arrival of the ambulance she recovered and was able to explain everything that she felt.
The doctors placed her on a stretcher and inside the ambulance they connected her to many medical devices. One of the doctors gave orders for medicines to aid her breathing and her heart.
Benzo continued to pray fervently, with power, with faith. A few minutes late rthe doctors were able to reestablish the vital functions and they continued to Caslav hospital. From here they left immediately for Prague, the capital.
Because of the language barrier, the doctors allowed Benzo to travel in the ambulance, even though he was there to help with translations, it was not necessary. Ena was in a complete coma, although no one realized this. Forty minutes later in the trip, at approximately 1:30 a.m., Ena was already in the ICU of Neurology at the Hospital at Homolce.
During the trip in the ambulance they had to reduce the speed to allow the doctors to be able to establish the vital functions and to administer medicines. Benzo asked over and over what was happening to his wife. But he obtained one response:
If your wife survives this morning, which is not probable, we will see. For the indentation is so big and her brain is so damaged that her physical functions will be very limited... So much so that she may remain in a vegetative state.
He had nothing more to say after this fatalistic answer. He returned to Caslav, where Landa Clara was waiting, and he realized that it was Sunday. So they went to church to pray and praise God, who had the only power to make a difference in Ena's life.
In his head and heart he had presented Ena´s situation to God. This filled him with peace. Returning to Prague, seated in the train and looking out of the window, he realized that his face was smiling, and he felt some remorse. How, in the middle of this difficulty, could he be smiling?
Yes, he was filled with an unusual tranquility, despite the grave condition of his wife, he felt good. He felt that he was not alone. He had brothers in Christ praying for Ena in Caslav, Amsterdam, Barranquilla, Curacao, New York, all united for one goal: To pray for Ena’s healing in the name of Jesus. This gave him a feeling of confidence that she would not die, because Jesus Christ was with her.
Ena stayed in a coma and on Dec. 19 when the doctors decided to operate. They had nothing to lose.
The surgery started at 8:40 a.m., and Dr. Janouskova was in charge. At her side was a competent team of workers. At 3:10 p.m., the doctor left the room visibly dejected. Benzo asked for the result and obtained a response that for those of the world might have sounded fatal, because they do not know the power of God. The doctor said she had done her best, and now Ena was in God’s hands. For Benzo, that was the best news that he had heard in a long time.
In the following days, Benzo prayed without ceasing and waited for God to perform a miracle. The devil is for destruction and death, but he knew that the power of God is stronger. He wanted to declare victory over the devil by seeing Ena live. With the certainty that he had in the victor of Jesus Christ on the cross, he continued to pray, joined by Oscar, Ena’s older son.
As his wife recovered, he continuously prayed over her in Czech and in Spanish, and everyone could see how these prayers began to release Ena from her illness.
Coming out of the coma that trapped me I heard a prayer being said by my husband and my son. I recovered consciousness completely in the middle of a prayer and it continued to be with me in intensive care. They transferred me to a room, but I was walking, smiling, filled with happiness, without needing help from the devices, able to do everything for myself, Ena recalled.
Jan. 5, 2001, Ena returned to her home. During the next seven months she received special care from her husband Benzo, who fulfilled to the letter all of the instructions of the doctors, which were not easy. He had to take care of the house and Linda, as well as understanding in the middle of this situation to keep his brothers and sisters informed about her progress. They had been praying for Ena. They, and his church in Amsterdam, supplied all of the family’s material needs during this time. As Mark 3:31-35 said, they were his brothers because they did the service of the Father.
On Dec. 16, 200, Ena died for a few minutes, but the fact that she lives today happily at the side of her husband and children, serving God and exalting in his glory is unequivocal proof that the prayer of the righteous do much, and that the righteous for living faith, God does not do imperfect things. His works are perfect.
In the words of Jesus in John 14:13-14:12
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believed on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father. 13And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.